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you’ll always find a place for punk rock at Hogwarts, Mr Potter

Canada could literally start a genocide and I would still be wearing a maple leaf in my heart because of this movie. Ginger Snaps is probably the best and most enjoyable werewolf movie that I’ve ever seen. What makes it such a great addition to the horror genre isn’t just the blood and guts, but also the underlying themes in it. It ever so subtly tackles the subject of impending womanhood and how others react to it, making it a pretty feminist approach to lycanthrope folklore. I mean, the title character Ginger has her first period (and just so happens to be bitten by a werewolf soon after) and is suddenly this new person who can’t control what she does or wants, yet offers no apologies when it comes to achieving her desires. It’s smart and clever and so much fucking fun. Oh, and Canada, y’all should seriously declare Katharine Isabelle as a national export because she’s flawless and you should receive some kind of compensation for her amazingness. 

He looks so genuinely upset